How to use Cell phone “word mode” on an LG VX8300 (LG 8300), which is similar to T9word or ITAP English:

This intro probably isn't worth reading, but this page teaches how to use Cell phone “word mode” on an LG VX8300 (LG 8300), which is similar to T9word or ITAP English on other phones.  Most examples will refer to the LG VX8300, with some differences given for Motorola Razr phones, Razor and Crazr phones.  The phone is also called LG8300, LG VX-8300, and is similar to LG5300, LG VX5300, LG VX-5300.   People often come here to see results for itap English, how to use itap, t9word, how to use itap English, how to use t9word, lg phone how to text using word, text messaging using word mode, how to use t9word on cell phones, how to use word on phones, lg word mode, lg word text, t9word tutorial, text message word mode.


  • You hate “Word mode”, or T9Word or ITAP english
    • it never picks the right word
    • you tried it once, then gave up
    • it was the same for me, until I learned two critical lessons they should have taught you
      1. It should have been called Guess mode, because it will guess the letter you want when you press a button
      2. Don’t look at it until it is done

  • If you give me 10 minutes, I will teach you how to
    • Have better text
    • Have more fulfilling text
    • Have text in about half the time, without the guilt


  • Geeks made up Word mode, T9word and ITAP english, and didn’t explain it well
    • You tried it once and gave up, right?
    • I’m going to teach it to you, and change your life
      • Not change everything in your life, but I will change this part
    • You will text in half the time, and love the word “going”
  • Put the phone in Word mode, T9word, or ITAP English
    • On the LG VX8300, this means that as you are entering text into a text message, you must hit the button in the upper left hand corner and change to Word mode
  • Put in a test word
    • First, hit the following numbers – 43556 and then #
      • Wow – the word hello should show up
    • Now you are going to learn what it just did to get the word hello
    • Remember the 2 golden rules from above
      1. It will guess the letters of the word if you let it, by magically choosing the letter on each key that you type
      2. You can’t look until it hits the end of the word
    • Let’s go one step at a time - try it again, and see what happened
      1. Hit the “4” key, which has the letters GHI on it, since you want the H
        • Don’t look at the word it is making
      2. then hit the “3” key, which has the letters DEF on it, since you want the E
      3. then hit the “5” key, which has the letters JKL on it, since you want the L
      4. then hit the “5” key, which has the letters JKL on it, since you want the L
      5. then hit the “6” key, which has the letters MNO on it, since you want the O
      6. hit the “#” key to create a space
        • now look at the word hello that you made
  • Congratulations – you’re most of the way there, and don’t you feel better about yourself?
    • Now hit the numbers 2937663 and then hit the #
      • awesome, huh? Yeah, that’s the word that should show up
    • to see the word awesome again, put in the following
      1. the number 2 to get the A from ABC
      2. the number 9 to get the W from WXYZ
      3. the number 3 to get the E from DEF
      4. the number 7 to get the S from PQRS
      5. the number 6 to get the O from MNO
      6. the number 6 to get the M from MNO
      7. the number 3 to get the E from DEF
    • Now you should begin to become confident that it will pick the right word
  • What if it doesn’t pick the right word?
    • We’ll do 2 examples
      1. Put in the word good, i.e. 4663
        • you should see good
      2. Now put in the word home
        • It's also 4663, which is the same as good
        • You need to tell the phone to pick the next possible word
        • That’s why the 0 key on the LG VX8300 says next on it
        • Hit the 0 key as many times as it takes to get the right word, and then hit a space
          • Motorola Razr users have to hit a right arrow key to do this
          • Crazr users hit a right arrow
          • Some use the up arrow
          • Other phones use some slightly different key, but the idea is the same
  • If you’ve gotten this far, you’ve learned the first two possibilities
    • It picks the right word
    • It picks the wrong word, and you hit next until its gets the right word
  • Now, what if it still didn’t get the right word
    • you must want a word that isn’t in its dictionary, so you have to teach it the word
      1. This is a pain in the ass, but only has to be done once
      2. Switch back to Abc mode by hitting the button in the upper left corner, and picking Abc mode
      3. From Abc mode, put in the word as you always did in Abc mode
      4. Hit # at the end to put in a space
      5. Switch back to Word mode (or T9Word or ITAP English)
        • Word mode will now remember the word the next time you do it
  • Your new, improved life
    • Try putting in the phrase this is going to change my life
    • Very cool - it shoudl work right away
    • You will text much more quickly
    • The word hello now takes 5 strokes instead of 13
    • Try the word going – its awesome

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Bonus stuff:

  • Weird trivia
    • Try the word tongue, and look at it while its being created
    • It becomes vomit before it becomes tongue, i.e. if you just do the first 5 keystrokes, it says vomit, then magically says tongue when you the final 3 key
    • Nerds is mere before it turns into nerds
      • (if the mere nerds made it easier, you wouldn't be here)
    • If you try to put in the word phone, it will say sin after 3 keystrokes
    • This must be an admission that it is a sin the way they made this phone

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