Custom fan control

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I provide custom fan control

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Founded in 1984, Control Resources is a leading OEM supplier of motor, pump and fan speed control and alarm products to the telecommunications, electronics and HVAC industries. Control Resources offers the SmartFan line of "off-the-shelf" and custom motor and fan speed control and alarm products as well as complete OEM electronics Design & Manufacturing services:

They do

Electronics Design & Manufacturing Services

Custom Fan Controls

SmartFan® Motor Speed Controls and Alarms

Custom Electronics Design

Over 300 custom designs for OEM electronics applications including: Audio amplifiers Irrigation controls LED light controls Motor speed control Power supplies Programmable thermostats Temperature monitors

Custom Fan Control history

Founded before 1984, Pat O'Malley managed to get on top of the Google rankings under the phrase "custom fan control" because Fred Thaure told me on February 13th said that is their most important set of keywords.  It is now March 2nd, and this page is number one.