Keynote On Internet Marketing Using Google AdWords™

google adwords keynote for NSA

Advertising on Google can be remarkably cheap, and may be a perfect marketing option for consultants.

Here are some facts few people seem to know:

  • you can run an ad on Google, and you don’t pay anything unless someone clicks and goes to our web site
  • you can choose how much you pay per click, but it is often less than $1
  • you can run an ad just in a certain geographical area, like within 30 miles of your home
  • you can start a Google ad campaign with just $10

If someone does click on your ad, they are looking for the service that you are selling, so it’s a match made in money heaven!

Pay-per-click on Google and other search engines has changed the world of marketing for big and small businesses, and has made targeted advertising very affordable.

In this seminar, you will learn

  • how to set up a Google advertising campaign
  • how to choose the keywords that should trigger your ad
  • how to run the ad in a certain geographical area, like within 50 miles of your home
  • what options Google allows
  • how you can run different ads for the same keyword
  • how to track the number of people that come to your site

Learn about an advertising option that may change the way that you do business.


The picture above is from a keynote on "Internet Marketing Using Google AdWords™" for 100 professional speakers at the National Speakers Association "Jam Session" in Boston in 2008

Note that I do not work for Google or get any financial benefit from them.