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LG8300 phone tip about recording voice memos


You can record voice memos from your LG8300 phone easily. For instance, if you


         Get an idea

         Hear about a party, restaurant, concert, etc

         Actually remember a girls name for a minute after you meet her and want to make sure you don't forget it


and you want to record a memo for later, here's what you do:


         There is a button on the left hand side of your phone right under the volume buttons


         You probably use it to shut off the ringer if you get a phone call and you want the phone to stop ringing

         Or you use it to light up the phone so you can see the time


         If you open your phone, and hold that button for over 2 seconds, the magic begins

         The phone says "Press OK to start recording"

         You can now record until you hit the OK button to STOP recording

         The voice memo goes into your "My Sounds" directory

         Here's how to find the file

         From the MENU button, i.e. the OK button after you hit END

         Click left twice to get to GET IT NOW

         Hit #1 to get to "Get Tunes & Tones"

         Hit #5 to get to "My Sounds"

         There will be a file with a name based on today's date and time, so if it is October 4th, 2007 at 2:03 in the afternoon, the file will be called

o        1004071403 for 10/04/07 and 2:03 military time

         If you look at the bottom of the screen,

o        the left button allows you to Play it back

         note that you may have to turn up the volume to hear it

o        the OK key allows you to send it as an email

         ask me if you want more info about this

o        the right button allows you Options, like Erasing it, or sending it to Pix Place


         Note: the maximum voice memo size is 1 minute, but you can create as many as you want


         Pretty cool, and in less than two minutes, right?


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