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Create LinkedIn QR code on Iphones and Droids

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You’re a networking event, maybe a conference. You want to connect with someone on LinkedIn, but your tired of the same time consuming process, taking a business card and typing it in later.

Here’s a fast solution that most people don’t know:

  • go to the LinkedIn phone app, in the right-hand corner of the search box at the top, click the icon at the right
  • it gives you 2 options
  • on the left, it says “Scan”, which is useful to android users, and we will talk about that later.
  • on the right, it says “My code”, and if you press it, it will generate a “QR code”, which is essentially a URL that points to your LinkedIn profile.

Here’s where this gets cool - if someone with an iPhone turns on their camera and positions it to take a picture of the QR code:

  • the iPhone will recognize the QR code
  • the Iphone will give you a pop up that allows you to go directly to that person’s LinkedIn page
  • that person can then send you a LinkedIn connection immediately


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Note that

  • I do NOT work for LinkedIn Corporation, and am not affiliated with LinkedIn Corporation in any way.
  • LinkedIn is not spelled Linked In