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Social Media For Business - The What, The Why, And The ROI (Boston):

I love and live this stuff, and I can help you.  You know you need to use social media for your business, and you need an expert to explain the ROI, and to guide you in terms of doing it intelligently.  Here's why I can help you.

Social Media For Business - Seminar Description:

Social Media (especially LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter) is one of the hottest phenomena in the history of marketing.   For little or no cost, a small company can launch a sales and marketing campaign that can rival that of much larger companies, just by having some compelling content that causes a “word of mouth storm” through the Internet, gathering fans, followers and potential customers as it goes.

In this session, I’ll show you how LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter can be used for your business. You will learn:

  • the hottest new trends in social media
  • techniques you can use to implement each service in your marketing plan
  • many undocumented tips that I have discovered about using each one
    • (Hint: did you put your maiden name in your LinkedIn and Facebook profiles?)
  • some case studies of how they are being used
  • how you can (and should) measure ROI

and you'll have fun learning it.

Come join us to learn about the cutting edge of social media, and find out how you can transform your business before your competition transforms their business.

My background in Social Media and Internet Marketing:

  • VP of Operations for the search engine that was tied with Google in the year 2000 (Northern Light)
  • Consultant in Social Media since 2006
  • Professional speaker, with a 2 minute demo video at LinkedIn training demo video to 100 accountants
  • 20+ years of training & speaking, many in front of groups over 1000 people
  • Expert in
    • LinkedIn for business
    • Twitter for business
    • Facebook and Youtube for business
    • Google Adwords (PPC)
    • Google SEO

Social Media speaking clients include:

  • American Marketing Association (LinkedIn, Twitter)
  • Harvard School of Public Health (LinkedIn)
  • Small Business Administration (LinkedIn, Twitter)
  • Meeting Professionals International (LinkedIn, Facebook)
  • Johns Hopkins University Alumni (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube)
  • Association of Service and Computer Dealers International

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