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March 7, 2009

Twitter story of Sockington the cat:

The world has gone crazy.  My good friend Jason Scott put his cat, Sockington, on Twitter, and the cat has 160,000 followers as of today.  See  The cat says things like

living room has endless possibilities I AM THE MAYOR OF BEHINDTHECOUCHVILLE an excellent town good views low crime

There is no proof that the cat actually writes his own posts, so I'm guessing he has a staff that translates and types. 

In terms of followers, he is running neck and neck with

  • Penn & Teller
  • Tony Robbins
  • John McCain

In the next month, he should pass

  • Coldplay
  • Dave Matthews
  • MC Hammer
  • Whole Foods.

Ridiculous nonsense, followed by 130,000 people  and climbing.  The cat only follows 200 himself, and they are all cats, dogs, an angry parrot and a horse.

Ironically, he has 10 times as many followers as Snoop Dogg. 

In fairness, you know John McCain doesn't write his own tweets either.


I sent the following email to Jason, my friend, and the cat's "manager"

  • You blew away hot model Brooke Burke about a month ago
  • You passed Penn of Penn & Teller this weekend.
  • You just passed Guy Kawasaki, one of the founders of Apple
  • Almost 4 times as many followers as Steve Jobs
  • You doubled Darth Vader
  • You are half way to having the same number of followers as the New York Times and Al Gore
  • You are one third of the way to CNN News, which is #2 in all of Twitter in terms of followers
    • However, you have about 3 times the following of regular CNN
  • Has Cheezburger? (ICHCheezburger) is clearly your biggest competition
  • You have more than 3 times as many followers as WORDPRESS
  • 4 times as many followers as Schwarzenegger.  “I’ll be cat.”
  • 5 times as many as Digg or Facebook or Matt Cutts (the best known Google engineer)
  • 8 times as many as SnoopDogg, in a case of cat defeats dog
  • 8 times as many as Bill Clinton, who has been following pussy all his life
  • Almost 10 times as many as swimmer/smoker Michael Phelps
  • 10 times as many as Hillary Clinton
  • 10 times as many as TheOffice, at least, that’s what she said
  • 12 times as many as Bill Gates or David Letterman

You are out of your mind.  Twitter is going to catch you soon, and the state will incarcerate you.  One of Sockington’s followers will have to adopt the cat.  He will end up writing a book, be in a movie, win an Oscar, and use it as a chew toy.  You will wither away in a padded prison cell, wondering why he never visits.  I will write a couple of blog entries so you will be remembered like Sid Barrett, who went crazy after inspiring Pink Floyd.

Editor's note:  Twitter now knows about the cat, and uses it as an example in its Help.  See